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Testing is done in various stages of software development cycle. This is done to make sure the software is developed according to customers’ description. It is normally conducted by a third party agency to confirm products do not start new bugs through the developmental stage. At TME we can execute this through our skilled and talented testers, this in the long run results in lowering costs and boosting product standard.

From creating a comprehensive test plan to the practical execution of test cases and reporting, we provide 100% bug-free releases.

Due to TME establishing an all- inclusive test plan we give our clients 100% bug-free software.

  • Application Testing Services – Our functional testing services are available for both new and existing applications. We strive to release bug-free versions within the quickest deadline.
  • Special Testing Services – We have testers with special testing skill sets. As a result, we can come up with effective solutions for software testing and at the same time meet our special requirements of the clients.
  • Short-term Testing Services – We can offer skilled testers for short term testing service for both onshore and offshore development center.

Our testers are highly skilled and experienced due to many years in the industry to come up with answers as per customers’ stipulations. Our testers have evidence based knowledge in using testing tools like Mercury, Selenium, and QTP. TME functional testing services can be successfully be executed as per industry requirements.

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