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In today’s information society, there is so much happening in terms of digital, mass media, social and branding that the lines between Marketing, Advertising, PR, and Sales are getting thinner, less contrasted and more blurred. Against this background, TME has set into motion a specific 360-methodology including a set of metrics that unite all marketing services and networks under one umbrella. This type of integrated workflow has great business-building potential because it allows us to deliver full-fledged, tailor-made business solutions that meet the requirements of today’s digital age.

  • Search Engine Optimization: TME will optimize your web pages, titles, tags, content, and keywords. This makes your business benefit from organic traffic coming from search engines, as well as improve your external search engine ranking through our proven offsite SEO strategies.
  • PPC Management: Get a professional PPC expert to run and manage all your PPC campaigns and maximize your advertising budget ROI. TME does this through tackling most of your promising PPC channels, testing and optimize them. We then roll out your advertising campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing: Get a TME professional social media manager to develop your social media strategy, increase your brand awareness, engage your clients and manage your different social media channels.
  • Analytics & Insights: Our goal is to translate concepts into context-specific operational decisions and actions using analytical, quantitative and qualitative techniques. TME collects business-intelligence data and insight at various stages of customer interaction. To optimize your sales performance, we track point-of-sales activities on your website, mobile application, and CRM systems. We also leverage data through campaign reporting, custom analytics, brand insights and PR campaigns.
  • Content Marketing: Attracting clients through nurturing and educating them is one of the top marketing strategies utilized nowadays, yet this requires a great deal of time, effort, and experience to properly plan a roadmap for the type of content, topics and interests of your clients. Then, writing this content consistently in a compelling attractive fashion to induce your readers to take action is another piece of the puzzle that should be well crafted to get the expected outcome. TME does all the heavy lifting and provides you with a perfect plan along with a high client fitting content produced on an ongoing basis like a clockwork.
  • Public Relation: today’s PR encompasses much more than traditional media relations. We sprinkle the body of your press releases with target keywords, optimizing content for search engines. We also turn your releases into a Slide Share, a blog post or even a video to further create distinction and differentiation. Supporting these fundamentals, TME recognizes that great PR solutions must focus on the needs of the buyer. This is why we craft customer-centric PR messages that empower your specific audience, demonstrating that your product or service makes people’s lives easier – that you understand their challenges and that you anticipate their needs.

Apart from TME’s digital marketing execution tactics, TME puts all your digital strategies and tactics into a system that keeps running on an autopilot to allow you to have a continuous flow of prospects and customers on an ongoing basis without consuming all your time and effort.

TME provides you with very cost effective solutions through giving you access to a pool of highly professional calibers with massive technical experience under their belt. All TME’s team with their diverse backgrounds work on your project to provide you with a truly unique competitive edge, that is delivered at the lowest cost and minimum time possible. Click Here to get more details why TME is different.