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Unfortunately, most businesses deal with their marketing in terms of advertising only which is shallow and doesn’t provide room for real growth. TME connects the various business building principles to develop a comprehensive system that facilitates current and future growth. This is an action-based system, using proven tools and strategies. This growth system focuses on the only three main areas that are responsible for growing your company.

  • Maximize Client Base
  • Maximize Transaction Value
  • Maximize Repurchases

Each of these areas is broken down further to conclude a total of six pillars:

  • Lead Generation: Develop a lead generation system that ensures a continuous flow of potential leads to the company.
  • Lead Conversion: Develop a lead conversion system that ensures the maximum possible conversion rate.
  • Referral System: Develop a referral system for generating new clients from existing clients.
  • Transaction Value: Develop a system for maximizing the cash spent per transaction.
  • The frequency of Sale: Increase the number of purchases that take place throughout the customer’s lifetime.
  • Client Retention: Maximize the number of year’s clients keep doing business with the company.