Internal And External Analysis 2017-09-23T18:33:22+00:00

Internal and external analysis deals with several fronts including the following:

Business & Marketing Audit:

TME conducts a comprehensive business and marketing audit survey that highlights the gaps within your business that should be filled in and then leveraged to optimize and maximize your business potential. This audit survey examines many aspects of your business including your goals, vision, your products, and services, competition, business model, sales, marketing strategies, tactics, sales funnels, advertising campaigns etc.

Online Presence Audit:

Are you interested in taking or optimizing your business online but don’t know where to start? TME will run a comprehensive review and assessment to all your online assets, accounts, selling process etc. TME will also provide you with a detailed assessment revealing the gaps you have, what should be done and how it should be done. This comes along with a list of recommendations that will allow you to improve your business.


To get information about how good is your company and where your efforts should be focused on to improve your business. It is usually hidden deep inside your stakeholders and is never shared unless it is polarized. Tapping into this info allows you to understand what your clients like the most about your business, so you capitalize further on it. What they don’t like about the business you improve it. Also, having a sneak peek at other growth opportunities that can be easily exploited would help us put your company on the fast track for growth.

Market Study:

A Proper understanding of your market is substantial for your growth and to be ahead of your competition. TME provides you with a wide snapshot of your market so that you can understand your market trend. TME answers the following questions. How fast is your industry growing? Who are your competitors? Who are the growth drivers? What is the market gap?  Having such views allows you to strategically align your company’s vision with the market direction.