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After the invasion of the social media platforms by businesses as well as individuals, most companies rush into developing their online campaigns without setting a proper infrastructure for attracting their ideal clients. Thus, they spend a great deal of cash on these campaigns which don’t bring results. In TME, we help our clients to lay the foundation and growth infrastructure required to get the most out of all their marketing and advertising efforts.

TME approaches your growth strategy by laying the foundation for growth and establishes the infrastructure required to ensure your business is successful, resilient and sustainable. This is the core of all our marketing. This includes the following:

  • Identifying your company’s most profitable market niche.
  • Identifying your company’s unique selling proposition and ensuring the company is capable of properly delivering it while ensuring that the systems required for its delivery are in place.
  • Developing risk reversal strategies with guarantees that minimize or eliminates risk to your clients, hence allowing your company to dominate its market niche faster.
  • Interpreting your company’s client acquisition cost ‘CAC’ and customer lifetime value ‘CLTV’.
  • Creating irresistible offers unmatched by competitors. This can be used by your company to entice prospects to become clients.